Microsoft Lumia 650 Announced

Microsoft Lumia 650 is launched running Windows 10. It come in matte black and matte white and will be available February 15 in some European markets.

Microsoft Lumia 650

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Microsoft Lumia 650 Features

  • 5” OLED display
  • A highly polished, diamond cute aluminium frame, gives it an awesosme feel.
  • It’s lightweight with 122 grams.
  • 5MP wide-angle, front-facing camera and comes with  Microsoft’s flagship imaging algorithms, that provides amazing photo and video capabilities.
  • Comes with advanced 8MP rear-facing camera.
  • For creating and editing documents easily and at any time, the Lumia 650 comes with the latest Microsoft Office apps. Additionally, it sync them to the cloud via OneDrive.
  • Cortana, your personal assistant is also part of this smartphone and makes your work more organized.

The smartphone will be available $199 USD before local taxes and subsidies.'

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GW Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at Generic Whiz.

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