SwiftKey Symbols Tool Announced, An Assistive Communication Android App

SwiftKey Symbols app launched today. It is a symbol-based assisitive communication Android app. The app is for non-verbal individuals with special needs.

It is said that earlier this year a team of SwiftKey staff came with an idea of developing an assistive app like this. The idea of an app was powered with SwiftKey’s core contextual language prediction technology and the team also consisted of some with autism in their families.

So the outcome is a free accessible for those with talking and learning difficulties. This app will allow them to communicate more easily with their friends and family.

SwiftKey Symbols tries to simplify the right symbols with the help of machine learning prediction.

The team worked closely with members of staff at Riverside School that includes Charlotte Parkhouse, Speech & Language Therapist.

Charlotte stated,

The communication opportunities that this app will provide are amazing. The flexible use of symbols will allow pupils with severe communication difficulties to express themselves in meaningful ways and the predictive symbol function means that it can be truly personalised. Brilliant!

SwiftKey Symbols Android App
Image Source: blog.swiftkey.com

SwiftKey Symbols Usage

The images have been hand-drawn by a team member, eventually from a set of categories or prediction slider powered by a SwiftKey SDK. Users of the app have to choose an images and build a sentence. The free Android app supports routine based activity and learns from individual’s behavious to show images relevant to them fastly.

Download SwiftKey Symbols Android App for free.

The team focused on helping people with communications challenges with the app.




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