Leaked Image- WhatsApp Video Call Coming Soon

Here’s a news to excite more than 1,000,000,000 users of WhatsApp. After the success of WhatsApp Call, the messaging application company that was acquired by Facebook Inc. on February 19, 2014 coming with WhatsApp Video call features.


Image Source: macerkopf.de

Yes, a German Apple blog Macerkopf claims the same and provided leaked images of video calling in working. The website also stated that WhatsApp is working on the feature right now. If this is correct then FaceTime or Skype are going to face a tough competition in the market.

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The developers are also stated to work on a new design. The color combination and green is the focus and also the tabs are tested. The toggle between multiple browser windows is what we have seen, but the messenger is expected to get the same feature so that you can quickly toggle back and forth.

However, this would be done for multiple chats as tabs next to each other. Easier to change quickly between individual chats and therefore no need to return to the chat list to switch between chat.

As stated by Macerkopf, the feature will be launched coming weeks.


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