Windows 10 Now Installed On Over 200 Million Devices

Microsoft is here with an excellent news about Windows 10. Yes, more than 200 Million Devices are now installed with Windows 10. Also, Microsoft listed some facts for Windows 10 demand, Surface Book, Microsoft HoloLens, etc.

Windows 10 on 200 million devices

Windows 10 With 200 Million Devices

Microsoft’s Yusuf Medi stated via a blog post,

As we start the new year, I want to provide an update on Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices. We continue to be excited – and humbled – by the incredible response to Windows 10. First, a few updates on how we’re tracking toward our goal of seeing Windows 10 active on more than one billion devices.

  • More than 40% of new Windows 10 devices becoming active since Black Friday.
  • Since Black Friday, US retail PC share for Windows 10 grew 16 points to 62% compared to the prior four weeks.
  • Demand for Windows 10 among enterprise and education customers is also increasing. Over 76% of our enterprise customers are in active pilots of Windows 10.So, now over 200 Million Devices running Windows 10 across enterprise and education customers.

Windows 10 Facts

  • Over 44.5 billion minutes spent in Microsoft Edge across Windows 10 devices in just the last month.
  • Over 2.5 billion questions asked of Cortana since launch.
  • Around 30% more Bing search queries per Windows 10 device vs. prior versions of Windows.
  • Over 82 billion photos viewed within the Windows 10 Photo app.
  • Gaming continues to grow on Windows 10 – in 2015, gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games on Windows 10. Gamers have streamed more than 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs.

Other facts include,

Windows Store

Windows Store sees amazing growth in 2015

  • 2x increase in the number of paid transactions from PC and tablet customers this holiday season.
  • 60% of paying customer were new to the Store in only December.
  • Windows 10 generated more than a 4.5x increase in revenue / devicein December in comparison to Windows 8.

Surface Book

Surface book coming to 10 more markets. As stated,

Starting tomorrow, customers will be able to pre-order Surface Book in Austria, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and New Zealand and it will be coming soon to Japan. We’re also excited to bring Surface Pro to India in the coming weeks.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition coming soon.'

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