Google Cardboard Helps Blind Woman See After 8 Years

How will you feel after seeing for the first time after 8 years? On top the world, right? Here’s a fantastic news that helped a visually impaired women see after using Google Cardboard in conjunction with an app.

Google Cardboard for blind

Google Cardboard is developed by Google and is a virtual reality and augmented reality platform. It has been used fin hospitals for 3D analysis and that too at a lower cost by avoiding high-priced equipment.  Surprisigly, it has now helped a woman named Bonny, that suffers from stargardt disease to see first time after 8 years.

Here’s the official tweet by Google Cardboard Twitter Account:

How Google Cardboard works with the app?

As you can see she used the Cardboard with a free app Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid from the play store. The app takes a video feed from the phone’s rear camera and guess what?, it delivers the same image to the eyes (each eye). This technique is also called  a stereoscopic image and would surely help blind as we saw above.

If it can work Stargardt disease, we are hoping it to work with other incurable eye diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa.'

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GW Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at Generic Whiz.

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