Google Introduces AdWords App For iOS Users

Google launched the AdWords app on iOS. This will benefit all AdWords customers across the globe. Now, download it from the App Store and boost your campaign activities by easily managing while you’re anywhere with your iPhone.

AdWords App for iOSImage Credit: Apple App Store

AdWords App For iOS

Here are some of the things you can now do as listed via a blog post by Sugeeti Kochhar, Product Manager, AdWords:

  • Monitor campaign performance, including clicks, CTR and CPC
  • Update bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications about your billing and ad status
  • Act on suggestions that may enhance campaign performance
  • Call a Google expert

Here are some of the reviews by customers like The Honest Company, MuleSoft, and PMG:

Josh Franklin, Manager, Search Marketing, The Honest Company stated:

Amidst the hectic holiday festivities, this app saved me from having to leave the dinner table to monitor performance and make quick changes to my accounts. That meant more time with my family. I’m excited for what’s to come!

Nima Asrar Haghighi, Director, Digital Marketing & Analytics, MuleSoft stated:

The app helps me access high level data on the go which can come in handy in the boardroom, or anytime I need to quickly understand how our campaigns are performing. Also, having the ability to make adjustments to our campaigns – such as changing bids and budget – is invaluable.

Kyle Knox, Account Manager, PMG stated:

The consumer shift to mobile means our retail clients’ campaigns have to be responsive to meet the needs of consumers at all times of the day. The app makes it easy for us to address issues without being chained to our laptops. PMG has been able to deliver prompt account adjustments from campaign to keyword level for our clients, as well as keep our customer satisfaction rates high.

Download the Adwords app for iOS now!'

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