Facebook Messenger For Android Now With Multiple Account Support

Sharing is caring! Yes, we all have heard this and across the worlds people share their mobile devices with family members and friends. Facebook Messenger is widely used and taking that into consideration Facebook has now given full support for multiple account. More simpler communication with log in for multiple people for Android.

Now people can use their account from a single and shared device. Do not worry about the privacy. The messages are completely private. The person sharing the device will only be able to see your number of notifications of messages only, not the messages content making it secure.


Facebook Messenger For Multiple Accounts

Image Source: Facebook Messenger Post

Steps to get Facebook Messenger Multiple Account support

  • Under Messenger for Android setting, for to ‘Accounts‘.
  • Now, add the accounts related to each person.
    (signing up with Messenger is easy and there is no need to be on Facebook).
  • The first time someone switches from another account on a phone to their account, we will require a password.
  • After this, the user can choose whether to always require a password.
  • If you want to stop sharing a phone, it’s easy to remove your account from that device.

Right now, it’s only for Android and we can expect it for iOS coming months, but Facebook has not commented on it.

Source> Facebook Messenger Official


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Editorial Staff at Generic Whiz.

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