Netflix’s Speed Test Tool now available on Android And iOS

Netflix introduced a new internet speed test tool, The tool allows you to test your internet speed even if you’re not a NetFlix member. With the introduction of, millions of users checked their internet speed and asked questions about how it works. netflix internet speed

Looking at the popularity and such an awesome response, Netflix has launched it on Android and iOS, and announced it via a blog post. The blog also stated, the design and technical goals, with the architecture.


Here are the design goals, that was taken care while designing the tool,

  • Accurate and consistent results, the results that reflect users’ real-life internet use case,
  • Load as fast as possible,
  • Run as fast as possible,
  • Results easy to understand.

Download the app now!

Google Play Store | Apple App Store'

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GW Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at Generic Whiz.

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